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Showing 49 - 52 of 52 products
Etruria Urn Wall Fountain For SpoutEtruria Urn Wall Fountain For Spout
Etruria Urn Wall FountainEtruria Urn Wall Fountain
Amphorae Ribbed Wall FountainAmphorae Ribbed Wall Fountain
Jug Tabletop FountainJug Tabletop Fountain

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A Hint of the Past with Outdoor Vase Fountains

Here at Outdoor Art Pros, we guarantee that, from our wide selection of garden fountains, we have a few that are suitable to your tastes. Each urn water fountain is designed with quality in mind and made of strong, durable materials that make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Each product comes with a wide selection of colors, stains, and finishes for you to choose from. For example, with the Bi-Level Jug Garden Water Fountains, we provide a variety of colors: from the aged, worn look of Sierra; the pure, almost ethereal quality of Super White; or the fine, sturdy grit of Smooth Mica.

Among our choices of outdoor vase fountains, if you’re looking for a bold, understated centerpiece for your outdoor space, or just to accent the already-established luxury of your garden or back yard, the Bisbalos Garden Water Fountain is an excellent choice. Designed and manufactured in the United States with fiber-reinforced cast stone concrete, the fountain comes in a wide selection of color choices to better match your exterior aesthetic and doesn’t require any plumbing as water recirculates through the fountain via a recirculating electric pump.

For those looking for a more sophisticated design, one of our Campania International fountain options may be for you. Or perhaps the Honey Pot Garden Water Fountain echoes the Mediterranean, with its classic, stone emulation. Just a marvel to look at, the fountain is a combination of both a wall and urn water fountain, designed to have water to pour and flow from the curves of the fountain’s pillar and back down into the vase.

Whether you’re an avid enthusiast of the antiquities, of travel, or for those with an eye for the unique and exotic, there's a perfect urn fountain for you.