Wood Look Planters

Planters have always been present in gardens since ancient times and they're not going away anytime soon. The wood look planter is one of the oldest style planters available. Throughout the ages, wood planters have evolved to showcase new garden décor. So many different cultures use planters and this use helped the artistic evolution of the industry. The right combination of garden décor can impress any guest that happens to visit. These faux wood planters can become a staple or complimentary piece in the outdoor setting. Outdoor ArtPros has the largest selection of outdoor wooden planters available on the market. Visit our catalog and begin enhancing your outdoor living space.


The popularity of wood planters has lasted the ages and the popularity of these units are truly timeless. All gardens are an extension of one’s personal touch in their own green space. Planters can come in many designs and wooden ones offer a variety of different woods. Due to planters being around so long,  some designs are classics and are known to hold mystical properties thanks to their background.

More Styles

The assortment of planters that have accumulated over the ages is outstanding. Different cultures have promoted the use of planters and the variety has exploded since ancient times and continues to flow as an industry. Our outstanding collection of planters cannot be challenged anywhere in the market place. It's best to go over our catalog before making a commitment.

Walnut Garden Planter

This natural looking piece is one of the many nature representing design we offer. The unit looks as if were a natural piece, the wood look helps the planter. The base is that of tree trunk style with the plant on top. This natural feel will go along with any wood and green style for outdoor living space. The walnut planter is made from walnut wood which has its own prestige from all the quality products carved from this wood over the centuries.

The body of this planter is one that hasn’t been manipulated too much. Most of these designs are made to imitate natural environments. With the growth of the modern world, more have come to desire a natural look and feel in the gardens. Although this piece is made from natural material the wood is treated and protected to ensure know harmful critter may find the piece attractive. Once the walnut planter is in your garden there no need to worry.

Rustic Versatile Look Planter

This classic look of a square wooden box planter has been around for a while. The box setup can hold a variety of plants and these designs have proven effective over the ages. It’s still here for a reason its simplicity and durability. Not all planters are created equal and this is one that can check a lot of boxes on the list. Inspiring garden enthusiasts can take a simpler approach and meet all their needs with the rustic versatile look planter.

Wooden box design can be criticized by some for their plain look but not all people have the desire to take a risk with their garden. A well-placed garden with marching décor and simple approach can look better than most gardens. Few people in modern times take the time to let their garden evolve with the décor and plants. Sticking to the basics can be the right choice often.

Split Log Garden Planter

Split logs have long been used for a variety of things around the living space. Now there more exclusive to artistic flare in décor. The planter is compact and can be used both indoor and outdoor. It’s a great space saving addition to be added to your outdoor living space. The name tells all with this planter it’s a natural look that’s self-explanatory. The simplicity of split log for garden décor is difficult to match.

Morning Garden Gossip Planter

A truly artistic design of twisted wood that breaks the trend of simplicity that's been talking about. This piece pushes the boundaries but is not too much for the average garden. If you’re looking to make more of a statement and personal touch. This piece is one to consider when considering you want to preserve the natural look. A smaller piece worthy of placing invisible place by itself.

Apple Basket Garden Planter

This European design has made its way all over the world. The planter has the basket look but makes no mistake it’s an effective planter. The apple basket has long been used for multiple purposes. This has allowed for the use of outdoor garden space. As for décor, this piece has made the best of practical use and many plants have made their home in the apple basket. There no proven planter for a variety of different plants like apple basket.

Outdoor ArtPros

All our planter is known for durable and elegant in the outdoor space. There few companies that can offer the wood look planters in this variety. These are products are in high demand for outdoor décor. Our extensive catalog has exactly what you’re looking for in outdoor planters. Al you must do is reach out to our trained professional to guide yours through the process of acquiring the right planter for you.