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There are few places in the world as relaxing as your full décor'd backyard.  There is great pride you get from finally achieving the atmosphere you had been seeking and any real garden enthusiast can tell you it was not an easy journey getting to the desired look and feel.  Yard and garden décor is no easy task and there is a myriad of styles and designs that one should consider before settling on their final decision.

While better-known styles such as contemporary, traditional, and modern are the usual choices, there has been a lot of hype surrounding the faux bois trend currently growing amongst fountain owners. It's no wonder one of our top-selling fountains is the Adirondack Tree Water Fountain. There are good for reasons for this hype as you will soon learn.

Adirondack Tree Water Fountain

Adirondack Tree Water Fountain

What is Faux Bois

Faux Bois is a styling that is meant to mimic nature in its appearance more specifically, woods, and stone.  For example, you may see a stone table set that appears as if it has been carved from a rock when in reality, it is probably a hollow concrete design.  This makes moving the item easier and construction prices lower.

Small Bois Stone Bench

Small Bois Stone Bench

Extra care was put into the design to give it that realistic stone look and appeal.  Wood-looking benches like the Small Bois Stone Bench, are another popular Faux Bois item that can be found in gardens across the country.  This trend has been gaining traction amongst garden and fountain enthusiasts because of its seamless incorporation into any landscape.  You can add multiple faux bois items and still retain the feeling of a natural environment. Garden Benches also provide a way for you to sit and relax in your beautiful garden or yard.

The History of Faux Bois

The Faux Bois style gets its name from the French word for false wood and considering that this style mimics the appearance of woods, it seems like the perfect name.  The first signs Faux Bois styling can be found during the Renaissance period. 

During these early years, Faux Bois was probably constructed out of concrete formed around an iron frame and chicken wire.  The French called these early designs "rocailles".

On of the most famous examples of this décor can be found at Parc des Buttes-Chaumont in Paris.  This location held an exposition of these works in 1867 and again in 1873 when the artist Joseph Monier decided to expand his works.   This expansion included the addition of bridges to the exposition.

In Mexico, this style is commonly known as "El Trabajo Rustico" (the rustic work).  Mexican styles are known for their attention to fine details with both the coloring and composition looking more realistic in nature.  One of the most famous artists of this style is Dionicio Rodriguez who has had his art listed on the National Register of Historical Places.  The skill has been passed down and today it is Dionicio's great nephew continuing the legacy.

Why It is a Faux Bois Smart Move

Depending on your décor this is the perfect solution for someone trying to not disrupt the natural appeal of their yard or garden.  The realistic and natural appeal of this styling is perfectly suited for a summery outdoor space or any country backyard. 


Up until the 1940s, artists used a technique called Ferrocement.  Ferrocement is a sculpting material that combines concrete, mortar, and grout to create a strong compound that can be applied to pre-made steel frames.   This material is excellent to work with and artist can easily sculpt Ferrocement to resemble real wood features. 

The New Era of Faux Boise

This new age of technology has allowed sculptors to work with incredible accuracy and get results like never before.  These ultra-realistic replicas are more weather resistant than there Ferrocement counterparts.   

Vendange Garden Planter

Vendange Garden Planter

What Fits Your Styling?

Examine your yard or garden and decide what your general direction is.  A faux bois décor can go a long way in transforming your yard into a tranquil relaxation zone and if you have no other yard furniture this is a smart first addition as it will still seem as if your yard is untainted. Also, if you plan on getting a cast stone water fountain to go along with your bench, consider getting a fountain in the same finish to have it match. 

Custom Faux Bois

Faux Bois is much more sophisticated than it seems there are literally hundreds of different wood grains to choose from to get the desired results you are seeking.  The great news is you can have all the natural styling without felling a single tree. 

Save the Trees

Faux bois is great for the trees as well and the finished product is sure to outlast a real wooden version of the replica.  It is this durability coupled with the natural feel of faux bois that makes this style a real winner among garden enthusiast around the globe.

Incorporating Faux Bois into Your Garden Design

Faux bois is a great way to add a touch of rustic charm to your outdoor space, without sacrificing durability or style. It is also a versatile trend that can be incorporated into any garden design, from traditional to modern. Whether you choose to incorporate it through furniture, planters, or other decorative elements, faux bois is a versatile and timeless design choice that is sure to elevate any outdoor space. So why not embrace this trend and add a touch of rustic charm to your garden today?

Now that you have found some décor that you want you may want to consider some of our other products, like our vast collection of planters and pedestals or maybe look at some fire pit ideas. Whatever you decide you want, with our extensive catalog of outdoor art you are sure to find anything you need in order to give your backyard a complete makeover.

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