Top Selling Fountains

Fountains are rapidly becoming a standard in garden décor and many of our customers have added them to their homes. In addition to providing a great focal point to your backyard or your garden, the sound of the water flow is soothing and very efficient in eliminating all background noises that come with living in an urban area. Fountains bring serenity and calm to your outdoor space, while the constant flow of fresh water adds a touch of freshness to the dry warm air in the summer.

This collection showcases all of our top selling fountains that have proved to be a hit with our loyal customers. Sizes range from small to large, so you can choose the one that's best for you based on how much free space you have available and how big you want your fountain to be. The majority of fountains displayed here are made of cast stone, an extremely durable material that comes with the finish of your choice. No plumbing is needed because they use recirculating electric pumps to produce the flow.


Less Is More
Some of our top selling fountains sport a sleek minimalist design that incorporates geometrical shapes and interesting design patterns, particularly our line of Modern Fountains. We also have more traditional style choices that look modern and polished at the same time. These fountains will bring beauty to your home or business, but also be timeless!

We also have small fountains with more elaborate designs and built-in pedestals that elevate the basin from the ground level. Here you'll find them in both modern and rustic styles, depending on what kind of ambiance you want to create in your garden. There's also a selection of wall fountains that, as their name suggests, go against an outside wall of your house and make it look stunning and brand new.

Go Big or Go Small
If you're looking for something larger and more eye-catching, have a look at our collection of top selling fountains, where you'll find some truly grandiose models. For instance, our customers love the breathtakingly gorgeous Four Tier Renaissance Fountain in Toscana Pool. If you like this style but 99 inches is too tall for you, there's an equally beautiful Classical Finial Outdoor Water Fountain in Grando Pool that's about 40 inches shorter.

Browse our collection now and see which fountains our customers shop for the most. If you're looking to buy a fountain but still haven't decided on the look and style you want to go for, this collection will be an excellent introduction to all different types of fountains you can find in our store.

Top Selling Fountains

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