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Showing 1 - 24 of 57 products
Heron Cast Stone Garden Statue - Outdoor Art ProsHeron Cast Stone Garden Statue - Outdoor Art Pros
Newport Swan Garden PlanterCampania International Color Chart - Outdoor Art Pros
Egret Garden Statue - Outdoor Art ProsEgret Garden Statue - Outdoor Art Pros
Raven Cast Stone Garden Statue - Outdoor Art ProsRaven Cast Stone Garden Statue - Outdoor Art Pros
Pelican Cast Stone Garden Statue - Outdoor Art ProsPelican Cast Stone Garden Statue - Outdoor Art Pros
Five Birds on Branch Garden Statue  - Brass Baron - Outdoor Art ProsFive Birds on Branch Garden Statue - Brass Baron - Outdoor Art Pros

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Build Your Own Flock or Start with One

All the bird statues in our store are handcrafted by dedicated artisans and made of durable stone-based materials. You can place the individual bird figurines in your garden or accentuate them by putting them on a stone or wooden base. They can be great decorations for both your backyard and the posts around your house. Some of them come with their own base, so they'll stand firmly wherever you decide to put them.

If you like collecting garden statues and figurines, you'll find many interesting items in our selection of birds garden statuary. If you want something fun and whimsical, we have a gorgeous Amelia bird figurine inspired by the legendary aviator Amelia Earhart. There's a joyous and cheerful baby bird spreading her wings and yelling "Eureka!" as she prepares to take her first flight.

You can build your own little flock of bird statues by collecting the individual bird statues, or start your collection with a statue featuring two or three birds. To add a touch of romance to your backyard, choose one of our lovebird statues that depict two adorable birds sharing a moment of tenderness. A figure displaying a flock of birds is believed to attract good fortune and we have ready-made flocks waiting to find a perfect spot in your home or your garden.

Bird Statues as Fountains

Some of the larger statues in our bird garden statuary collection can be used both as decorative pieces and pool stationary. These grandiose statues with bronze finish will be the first thing to catch the eye of anyone who visits your home, whether they're just standing there in all their glory or turning your pool into a soothing, vibrant fountain. Or you can go somewhere in between and match your bird statuary to a cast stone birdbath and you will surely attract the real birds to your outdoor living space. We even have cast stone planters and fountains that can be made in the same finish to go with your statuary. 

In addition to symbolizing good news and fortune, birds also symbolize freedom and wisdom. When you're sitting in your backyard and trying to find a solution to what's bothering you at the moment, one look at an owl statue can be enough to help you make the right decision. Similarly, one of our freedom eagle statues will help you relax and feel free in your own home.