Modern Outdoor Flower Pots and Planters

Modern Outdoor Flower Pots and Planters

Looking to take your garden to the next level with a little modern style? It isn’t especially hard to do. One of the best ways to go modern is through the use of unique pots and planters. You want to go for somewhat minimal looks or looks which are striking to the eye. 

Here are a few options you may want to consider, each with different aspects to really enhance your outdoor space and turn it into the modern meditative mecca you desire.

Harrison Chocolate Life Planter

One of the more obvious aspects of modern design is the concept of smooth lines. You don’t really want anything with jagged edges because then you’re getting into industrial. With the Harrison Chocolate Life Planter, you’re getting a beautiful set of mid-century modern planters. The color is dark but warm, and the smooth curvature of the tall pots gives a feeling of flow and movement. The pots bow slightly outward, providing room inside for your plants to breathe. To avoid a completely homogenous look, a small accent circle is placed on the base; just a little something to draw the eye. Since the set comes with three pots, you can either place them all in one spot or spread them around your outdoor space, helping each area feel connected with this focal point. If you think you can use something like this in your life, learn more about it here.

Faccia Garden Planter

Want to put a new face on your back patio? If so, these pots make a real statement. (I’m full of puns today.) On a more serious note, these pots really work to grab some attention. This is one of our top-selling modern planters, almost harkening back to the ’80s and the days of Lipps Inc. You’d think that would make it retro, but those styles are coming back, and it’s still pretty modern, in general. Not only do they feature the smooth lines of modern styles, the unique design aspect is almost futuristic. Functionally, the size of these pots is also quite good. A couple of the biggest containers at 22 inches wide, or even the medium ones at 16 inches, would make for good large outdoor flower pots. The depth allows for great water seepage to make sure your plants can live long lives. There are a couple different color options and it’s good to keep in mind that, over time, they will weather and begin to become even more unique. If these are kissing the creative parts of your brain, click here to learn more.


Mesa Large Garden Planter

One thing which sort of screams modern is size. If you’ve got extra large plant pots, you can have some nice, striking plants which will draw plenty of attention. Combine that with a bit of minimalism and you’re looking at something sure to turn heads. The 30-inch pot can hold small shrubs, young trees or groups of flowers. I could see this being especially impressive with multiple types of flowers in varying colors. While this pot is available in multiple colors, each of those colors would stand up well to the brightness of flowers. Perhaps some red and blue flowers with some nice grasses would really make this pop. Apart from the size, the smooth face and rounded edges truly bring some class and modern style to the table. For more on this piece, click here.


Garden Anywhere Vertical System

I really like pieces which are unique, and such is the case with the Garden Anywhere Vertical System. Its design saves floor space while giving life to a wall which might otherwise be a bit drab. The fiber cement used for the shape has a great color and smoothness which speaks to a modern element. Additionally, the material used is lighter than your standard sort of cement, so moving it around shouldn’t be all that bad. At more than three feet tall, weighing 114 pounds isn’t much of an issue. While it would look nice with greens in it, I think flowers would be an incredible option for this planter. You could even add some functionality to it by using it as a herb garden. In doing so, you make it useful as well as lovely. If height is something you need in your life, learn more about this here.


Trough Garden Bench

This planter sort of takes it into the opposite direction, to some extent. What good is a bench you can’t sit on? Though, I suppose when it comes to the Trough Garden Bench, the answer to that depends on what you plant in it. Anything would like nice in this, but multiple types of grasses would actually make it able to be sat upon. It would be akin to sitting on the ground, with the soft, natural cushion of grass. The style, though, is interesting. In a way, it’s almost post-modern, like something you might see when nature has begun to once again creep into the modern world. It reminds me of a home which has been abandoned but still retains an inviting beauty to it in its peacefulness. This bench, if cultivated correctly, could serve in a similar capacity. If not desired as a seating surface, this bench would look great with some color, though it’s important to note you shouldn’t plant anything which needs deep roots. No matter what you put in it, however, it will make a bold statement and bring something interesting to your outdoor space. Click here for more.


Going modern doesn’t have to be difficult. You can also match them with a modern water fountain and transform your backyard into an oasis. These planters would compliment any type of Buddha Art as well to enhance the Zen in your space.  There are a many options out there to achieve your goal. The nice thing about the “modern” style is that it isn’t necessarily anything specific. As seen in these examples, you can go with curves or straight lines, but minimalism is key. You don’t want extravagant designs or anything which might detract from the beauty which you can find within the planter. Embracing nature is a modern concept derived from an ancient love of life.

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