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Our store offers dozens of high-quality urn planters that differ in size and the materials they are made of. Their shape helps them elevate your garden from the ground level, adding a whole new dimension to your landscape. These urn planters outdoor are perfect for decorating your backyard because they complement its look, its style, and its architecture. Choose the right stone or concrete urn planter and make your garden look even better with a sleekly designed garden fixture with a splash of vibrant colors on top.


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Choosing the Right Urn Planter
When buying an urn planter, it's best to be certain about what you'll be using it for. Because they're usually larger in size, urn planters are less portable than other types of planters. This is particularly true of models made of cast stone. The material is very heavy and therefore not that easy to move around your backyard. Cast stone is also highly durable, which means that the planter will serve you for a long, long time. Just make sure you've found the right spot for your urn planter before you purchase it.

Urns tend to be narrower than bowls or other similar types of planters. Think of them as outdoor vases that carry living flowers. As you surely know, some flower species need more room to grow properly, so you'll need to place them in a planter that gives them the needed space. The best thing to do here is to first decide what flowers you'll grow in your planter and then buy one that's just the right size.

Elevate Your Garden with an Urn Planter
Now that you're ready to buy an urn planter, it's time to browse our collection and pick the model that's best for you. And there's plenty to choose from because our urn planters come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on what you'll be planting in it, you can choose a deep urn or one that's shallower. There's the choice of wide or narrow, as well as simple design, texture, and beautiful patterns.

When it comes to height, all urns come with their own pedestals. They vary in height and some of them are merely there to hold the tall planters firmly in place. If you want to highlight the planter even more and make it the focal point of your backyard, you can combine the urn of your choice with a tall pedestal that goes will with its size and design. Most planters made of cast stone give you a choice between twelve different finishes so that you can have one that fits in perfectly with the look and feel of your garden.