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Showing 1 - 24 of 60 products
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Abraxas Cast Stone Garden Statue - Outdoor Art ProsAbraxas Cast Stone Garden Statue - Outdoor Art Pros
Gryphon Cast Stone Garden Statue - Outdoor Art ProsGryphon Cast Stone Garden Statue - Outdoor Art Pros
Brass Baron Fairy Garden Statue - Brass Baron - Outdoor Art Pros
Baby Girl Dragon Garden Statue - Statuary - Outdoor Art ProsFiore Finishes
Wood Nymph Cast Stone Garden Statue - Outdoor Art ProsWood Nymph Cast Stone Garden Statue - Outdoor Art Pros
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Eryl Cast Stone Garden Statue | Dragon StatueEryl Cast Stone Garden Statue | Dragon Statue

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Every Statue Tells a Story

Our mythical statuary collection includes a variety of items in different sizes and different price ranges. You can place them in your garden as decorative pieces or give them as a meaningful gift to someone you care for regardless of the occasion. Every statue comes with a rich history. For instance, gnome statues are believed to grow in your garden and help your garden grow with them.

You'll find plenty of garden gnome figures in our catalog. Some people like to collect them and build their own gnome family. To complete the set and make a little home within your home, give your garden gnomes a beautifully crafted statue of a house to live in. These houses are built with meticulous attention to details: not only do doors have windows, but they also have door handles and latches. If you want something even more elaborate, you can buy your gnome family a gorgeous castle.

We also have numerous other statues, ranging from muses and mermaids, to a beautiful bronze-brass dancing fairy. You can find something for everyone here. If you have grandkids, they'll love the Storytime with Grandpa Cast Stone Garden Statue depicting an old man reading to the grandchild that's sitting in his lap. For a large-scale statue, look at our bronze mermaids and water dragons. They can be used both as outdoor decorations and as pool spitters, so you can have both a striking statue and a fountain.

Halloween Decorations

No selection of mythical statuary could be complete without gargoyles cast. Come Halloween season, people love to decorate their yard with dark and whimsical gargoyle figures. Just like dragons, they can be playful and scary at the same time. They serve as guardians of your garden: their mythical powers allow them to protect your home and chase all forces of evil and darkness away.

You can bring these cool-looking statues inside your home, too. They'll add a touch of mystery to any room and accentuate certain spots and corners you want to highlight. Take a look at the wide array of statues we have in stock and choose those that are most in tune with your character and mood.