Top 50 Outdoor Water Features

Top 50 Outdoor Water Features


Top 50 Outdoor Water Features

Outdoor water features are a great way to add style and elegance to your home. There are many water features to choose from and you’re sure to find one you love, no matter what your design preferences are. Let’s take a closer look at the top 50 outdoor water features and learn which one is best for you! 

1. Caterina Tiered Water Fountain 

The tiered water fountain features a pedestal style basin with a raised tier above for the water to flow from. The height given to the feature by the pedestal makes this the perfect choice for a flower garden, patio, or stone walkway. You can purchase the Caterina tiered water fountain in a variety of colors so it’s sure to match your home’s aesthetic.  

Caterina Tiered Water Fountain

2. Caterina Outdoor Water Feature in Basin

This water feature is a statement piece meant to draw the attention of anyone within eyesight. Two elegant tiers flow down into a round basin at the bottom of the water feature. The large size of the basin creates a beautiful sound as the water falls down the tiers and into the bottom of the feature. 

Caterina Outdoor Water Fountain in Basin 

3. 6’ Girona Outdoor Fountain

As the name suggests, this water fountain is far from being small. The 6’ fountain is just over 2 feet tall, making it the perfect centerpiece for your outdoor entertainment space. The elegant design is made from fiber-reinforced concrete which makes it nearly immune to any damage. The water in this feature creates a very subtle and soothing trickling sound. You can choose from a variety of colors and have the peace of mind in knowing that every 6’ Girona fountain is made in the United States. 

6' Girona Outdoor Fountain


4. Longvue Garden Water Fountain

This piece was designed with functionality in mind. A classy tiered design falls into a pedestal basin. The water creates a calming acoustic sound from the egg-shaped finial. This water feature comes in a variety of colors as well so you can get one to match your existing outdoor décor or use the purchase as an excuse to change up what you have. This fountain is so inviting you’ll likely even be able to watch some birds stop by for a quick bath in the tier. 

Longvue Garden Water Fountain


5. Pioggia Cast Stone Tiered Outdoor Fountain with 55" Basin

This tiered fountain is the perfect statement piece that will never go out of style. Choose from 47 different colors to set the tone that you desire and enjoy the eye-catching design. This fountain features a 55” basin below two tiers of flowing water. It will effortlessly become the focal point of any garden or outdoor space. 

Pioggia Cast Stone Tiered Outdoor Fountain with 55" Basin


6. Estancia Wall Water Fountain

This wall fountain is made with every architectural detail in mind. The water begins to flow in one stream from the spout before spreading into multiple streams as it falls down two tiers into the basin below. The basin is a semi-circular shape and the backplate of the feature is an elegant arch. A wall fountain is the ideal way to bring style into a garden or entertaining area that lacks the space for a stand-alone water feature. 

Estancia Wall Water Fountain


7. Large Girona Water Fountain 

Similar to the other Girona water fountain, this feature demands attention when it’s put in a space. Water flows out of a center spout and across the fountain. The exterior of this water feature has a ribbed design that comes in a variety of colors. A relaxing and soothing sound of the water in this feature will make outdoors your favorite place to be. The materials used to make this fountain are extremely durable so you know without a doubt that it is money well spent. 

Large Girona Garden Fountain


8. Moderne Wall Outdoor Fountain

The Moderne wall outdoor fountain is a must-have for any homeowner trying to achieve a sleek and modern design. This fountain features a bold geometric design that’s eye catching and timeless. This fountain is designed to be placed on a wall or along a fence, but the possibilities are endless. The water comes out of a single spiller and falls into the square basin below creating a consistent and soothing sound. 

Moderne Wall Outdoor Fountain


9. Del Ray Cast Stone Fountain

This fountain stands at 2 feet tall and contains two low rising tiers accompanied by 4 copper spillers the water runs down. The 4 copper spillers are a small yet noticeable detail that gives this fountain a unique style. Rather your décor is modern or rustic, the copper will compliment it perfectly. This is the ideal choice for someone looking to incorporate moving water into their outdoor area without being too bold. 

Del Rey Cast Stone Fountain


10. Large Ribbed Cylinder Garden Fountain 

This fountain has a tall and slender cylinder shape with one water spout at the top. After the water comes out of the spout it will run down the ribbed sides of the cylinder before recirculating out the top once more. The ribbed cylinder garden fountain is a water feature with elegance in mind. Choose from a variety of colors to make this the perfect fit for your outdoor oasis. The cylinder shape will allow you to fit this into spaces that would be too small for a traditional round and short water feature. 

Large Ribbed Cylinder Garden Fountain


11. Long Beach Wall Outdoor Fountain

This water feature is not for the faint of heart. The long beach wall fountain is designed to go in a large, open space. It’s a fountain that will draw the attention of the space it’s in which means it’s important it doesn’t feel too cramped. The fountain features 3 water spouts that spill into a basin that’s 19 inches deep. This is a modern and stylish water feature that will stand the test of time, even as styles change. Choose from a variety of colors and finishes to customize your outdoor space even more. 

Long Beach Wall Outdoor Fountain


12. Westover Two Tier Garden Fountain

This two-tiered water fountain was designed to offer the perfect acoustic sound as the water flows down 2 tiers. The tiers are topped with a simple finial that flows into a cascade of rippling water below. You can purchase a fountain cover to go along with the water feature to ensure it will last for years to come, even through harsh weather conditions. This fountain gives off a classy ambiance that’s perfect for an outdoor garden entertaining area.

Westover Two Tier Garden Fountain



13. Auberge Wall Water Fountain 

The Auberge wall fountain will transform any wall into the focal point of your outdoor space. This fountain is taller than most with a very stately design. The water flows from a floral spout at the top of the fountain down into a square basin below. Water falling from that height creates a beautiful sparkling pool of water in the basin and a relaxing sound of a stream. 

Auberge Wall Water Fountain


14. Echo Park Garden Fountain

The echo park fountain is a clean and simple design. The simplicity of this fountain makes it ideal for any space. It stands at a little over 2 feet tall and has one standard water spout in the middle of the fountain. The water in the fountain looks rippling and calming as it recirculates through the spout above. Go with a traditional stone-grey color for a sleek and modern look or choose a bolder color to create a centerpiece for your outdoor space. 

Echo Park Garden Fountain


15. Charleston Outdoor Fountain in Basin 

The Charleston Fountain is a modern take on the traditional tiered fountain design. The top of the fountain has a pineapple shaped finial the flows into thin streams of water down the two tiers. The tier rims are not the traditional rounded shape of other fountains, but an ornate rim instead. The basin of the fountain is large enough to attract attention without being so large that it takes away from the intricately designed tiers. 

Charleston Outdoor Water Fountain in Basin


16. Medici Ellipse Water Fountain 

The Medici Ellipse water feature is a conversation starter to any outdoor gathering. Designed with modern influences and Italian roots, this truly is a unique piece to add to your garden. The basin of the fountain features an ellipse shape with scrolls on the side that imitate handles. A very simple finial allows the water to flow down, directly into the basin below. The basin sits atop a basic pedestal that stands at just over 3 foot tall. 

Medici Ellipse Garden Water Fountain



17. Estate Longvue Outdoor Water Fountain 

This fountain is aptly named for its impressive size. Standing at 6’7” in height, this fountain can hold its own against a large natural landscape and other decorative items. A simple finial flows water down into three tiers with a traditional, rounded edge. Below the three tiers there’s a large pool waiting to catch the water. Although the size sound intimidating, this fountain is welcoming to any and all guests you may have. The water is constantly flowing, rippling, and creating a relaxing symphony of sounds. Perfect for a commercial or personal location, the Estate Longvue Outdoor Water Fountain is a purchase that’s sure to make an impression. 

Estate Longvue Outdoor Water Fountain


18. Williamsburg Chiswell Garden Fountain

The Williamsburg Chiswell garden fountain is small, but don’t let that sway your opinion too quickly. This two-foot-tall fountain has a surprising amount of style in such a small package. The fountain begins with an intricately designed finial. The water flows down into a simple, round basin sitting atop of a square pedestal. The pedestal has small designs carved into the sides, giving it a multidimensional elegance. The finial is the star of the show in this fountain, but that’s not a bad thing! It brings even more attention to the flowing water that creates a slight, but calming sound. 

Williamsburg Chiswell Garden Fountain


19. Monteros Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain 

This is another large fountain that is sure to make an impression on your space. The three tiers sit on a rectangle pedestal creating a total height of over 6 foot tall. Each tier has a traditional rounded shape, but the finial is more modern with a bud-shape. The water flows down the three tiers like rain drops, giving any passerby a calming acoustic show to enjoy. This fountain comes in a variety of colors and finishes that can be combined to make the focal point your space has been missing. 

Monteros Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain


20. Monteros Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain in Basin

This water fountain is designed with large open spaces in mind. An open space surrounded by tall trees and large open skies is not inviting to guests, but this fountain is a simple solution to that problem. Each of the three large tiers have intricate carvings for those who get up close for a better look. Each tier has a traditional rounded edge creating a rain-like fall of the water from one tier to the next. The large pool below offers a reflective and rippling water display that’s accompanied by the soothing sounds of water. 

Monteros Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain in Basin


21. Autumn Leaves Small Water Fountain 

This small water feature is ideal for a patio without room for a larger fountain or water display. Water bubbles out of a spigot and falls into a shallow bowl below. The bowl contains detailed carvings of leaves that will bring you back to autumn, no matter the time of year. The shallow bowl sits on top of a simple and elegant square pedestal that gives it the height it needs to transform your small patio or garden space. Choose from a variety of colors and enjoy the simplicity of a fountain that requires no plumbing at all. Even in a small apartment in the city you can enjoy the sounds of trickling water found in nature. 

Autumn Leaves Small Water Fountain


22. Cascade Tiered Water Fountain 

This is an elegant take on a traditional tiered fountain. Three basins are used to create a tiered effect that allow the water to flow down freely, rather than being put through water spouts like many other tiered fountains. The final tier acts as the bottom basin of the fountain, filtering the water right back out a spout in the top tier. You can purchase this fountain in unique patinas or acid stains. Both options make every fountain different from the last with no two being exactly alike. Not only will you be proud to have this fountain in your outdoor space, but you’ll be able to know that you have the only one exactly like it. 

Cascade Tiered Water Fountain


23. Portofino Wall Outdoor Fountain 

This wall fountain is stately enough to give your outdoor area a very defined sense of style. The modern arched back plate holds a lion’s head water spout that spills into the large rectangle basin below. This fountain exudes confidence, individuality, and elegance all at the same time. One simple stream of water flows to give a slight, yet calming, sound for you to enjoy. 

Portofino Wall Outdoor Fountain


24. Segovia Wall Outdoor Fountain 

This is yet another wall fountain that has a shapely arched back plate. Water comes out a simple spout and falls into a small bowl below, before raining into the rimmed basin at the bottom of the fountain. The finishing technique of this fountain makes each one different from the last. That means that you aren’t just purchasing a fountain, but a unique work of art. Put this fountain along an empty wall or a plain garden fence to create a natural focal point for both the eyes and the ears. The Segovia wall fountain is ideal for someone looking to achieve a simple, modern elegance in their space. 

Segovia Wall Outdoor Fountain


25. St Aubin Wall Outdoor Fountain 

This fountain uses crisp, clean geometric lines to compliment the rippling and flowing water within it. the back plate of this wall fountain is square, with multiple layers of trim for added dimension. A flower shaped spout pushes water out at an impressive speed. The water falls into the square basin below before recirculating into the spout once more. Place this fountain along a wall, fence, or other flat surface that needs a new focal point. 

St. Aubin Wall Outdoor Water Fountain


26. Austin Modern Water Fountain 

The name of this fountain says it all – it’s a piece for the modern design lover. The fountain begins with a stately rectangular basin with a tall pedestal rising from the center. The pedestal has geometrical carvings that add to the modern design. A bowl-shaped piece sits on the top of the pedestal with one single water spout in the center. As the bowl fills up, the water flows down two copper water spouts. One spout sits on each side of the bowl so that the water flows naturally, creating a mesmerizing flow of the water. 

Austin Modern Water Fountain


27. Borghese Water Fountain in Basin 

The Borghese Fountain is a unique fountain with an elegant design. This fountain has a round finial with an eclipsed shaped tier and a round basin below. The elegance of this fountain comes from the simplicity of it. This fountain offers the soothing sounds of water and inviting sights of the fountain. Water flows from each side of the tier from a water spout that creates an ever-changing stream to enjoy both the look and sound of. 

Borghese Water Fountain in Basin


28. Ball and Wok Water Fountain 

This water feature is sure to stand out thanks to the Asian inspired design details. The water flows gently, creating a tranquil sound and breathtaking sight. This fountain is designed to be the focal point of wherever you put it. the fountain begins with a basic round basin. Inside the basin there’s a single sphere with a water spout at the top. The water flows down and around the sphere into the basin below. The sphere works to create an eye-catching design and a truly unique sound. If you’re tired of traditional tiered fountains with water that mimics falling rain, the ball and wok fountain is the solution! 

Ball And Wok Water Fountain


29. Double Obtuse Modern Water Fountain 

The double obtuse modern fountain is a sleek and simple water feature that will bring your space up-to-date with the latest style. This fountain contains two tiers that are square, rather than the traditional round shape. The basin below the two tiers is a slightly larger square shape to continue the sophisticated and simple design. Purchase your new modern focal point in a variety of colors to match whatever outdoor décor you already own. The water flows seamlessly down each of the square tiers to create a soothing and soft sound, with an even more soothing appearance. 

Double Obtuse Modern Water Fountain


30. Guillotine Garden Water Fountain 

This fountain is designed to mimic the brutalist device used many years ago. The elegant and modern interpretation of such a harsh device is sure to be an eye-catcher and conversation starter. Every edge of this fountain contains long lines and sharp edges. Water flows down the internal walls of this fountain in sheets, rather than in drops or streams as it would in other fountains. There are two tiers of internal walls with a square basin below to catch the flowing water. The elegant and modern water feature will compliment any outdoor space, but it was designed to be a focal point. 

Guillotine Garden Water Fountain


31. I Garden Water Fountain 

The garden water fountain comes with a 1-year limited warranty, although the sturdy materials make it unlikely you'll ever need to use it! The fountain begins with a square basin. A curved pillar comes up from the basin with a water spout at the top. Standing at just under 5-foot-tall this garden fountain is not for the faint of heart. It’s sure to draw attention and start a conversation, but the simplicity of the design won’t allow it to overwhelm a space. 

I Garden Water Fountain


32. Ribbed Monolith Garden Water Fountain 

A pillar rises from a large, squared basin. The pillar features a ribbed pillar that gives it a striking and modern appearance. The classical design has a water spout at the top of the pillar. The water rolls down the sides of the square pillar to create a tranquil symphony while the ribbed accent creates a gorgeous rippling design. 

Ribbed Monolith Garden Water Fountain


33. Siena Tiered Outdoor Fountain 

This two-tiered fountain is unique because the bottom tier doubles as the basin of the fountain. The top tier has a water spout coming out the top to create an abundant flow that trickles from one tier to the next. The area between the two tiers contains detailed shapes modeled after old-fashioned Italian craftsmanship. Choose from 25 different finishes to make the fountain fit your personal style. It’s a stately piece that provides a classy and elegant vibe to any outdoor space. Enjoy the ease of using this fountain that requires no plumbing and only a simple electrical outlet to get the water flowing. A 1-year warranty comes with every Sienna Tiered fountain purchase, but the sturdy cast stone design makes it unlikely you’ll need to use it. 

Siena Tiered Outdoor Fountain


34. Four Tier Renaissance Fountain in Toscana Pool 

This is a classic fountain made with renaissance style influences in mind. The design is best described as romantic and classical with more elegant details than you’d expect. Each of the four tiers contain detailed carvings that can be seen as the water flows down into the large pool below. This is a fountain that you would expect to see alongside beautiful dresses and elegant tea parties from years ago, but it still manages to fit in with more modern pieces as well. The tiers create a cascading sound of the water that’s noticeable enough to make an impression, but subtle enough it won’t interrupt your garden relaxation. 

Four Tier Renaissance Fountain In Toscana Pool


35. Palazzo Fluted Tiered Outdoor Fountain 

This is a versatile fountain with symmetrical details that will create a picturesque outdoor experience. There are two tiers that flow down into a large basin below. Each tier has ample water flow that gives off a steady and tranquil sound. There are detailed carvings along the outside of each tier that add even more to the elegance of the fountain. Choose from 25 different finishes or stick with an original such as Golden Moss for the most picturesque fountain possible. 

Palazzo Fluted Tiered Outdoor Fountain


36. Venus Outdoor Fountain in Grando Pool 

The Greek goddess Venus is a popular figure in history. This fountain features a large statue of Venus and Cherub. Venus is seen holding a pot on her shoulder that acts as a water spout falling straight down into the pool below. At her feet there are three more water spouts flowing from the mouths of fish in the statue. The grando pool gives this fountain a modern flair while the traditional Venus statue keeps the classic virtue. This fountain will make people stop what they’re doing and look in awe. You’ll be inspired each time you step outside and see this water feature. 

Venus Outdoor Fountain in Grando Pool


37. Grande Kensington Three Tier Fountain

The Grande Kensington fountain is one with a robust design that’s sure to make a statement. The water flow in this fountain is minimal so if you’re searching for a strong water flowing sound, this isn’t the fountain for you. Most of the focus of the fountain is on the unique shape of the three tiers. It has a low set pool that’s wide enough to create a gorgeous rippling water effect. Set this fountain in your front garden area to improve curb appeal and impress anyone who passes by. 

Grande Kensington Three Tier Fountain


38. Classic Lion Cast Stone Outdoor Fountain 

This fountain is perfect for a garden or courtyard setting. Even if it’s too cold to use the fountain, this fountain makes a beautiful statement piece. It features 4 water spouts, each coming out of the mouth of a lion’s head. The water flows powerfully down into the pool below before recirculating through the lion once again. This is a classic statement piece designed to draw attention. Additional pieces can be purchased to make the fountain even taller or enjoy it as it comes. Every Lion Cast stone fountain is handcrafted which means no two fountains are exactly alike. 

Classic Lion Cast Stone Outdoor Fountain


39. Provincial Cast Stone Wall Outdoor Fountain 

This cast stone wall fountain is the perfect focal point for any outdoor space. The back plate has a unique arched shape with various architectural details going down the sides. Water flows from a shapely spot and into a bowl below, then splitting into multiple streams to fall into the rounded pool below. The bowl features detailed carvings that will catch the eye of all of your guests. The visual and audio impact of the multiple water streams is unmatched by a traditional fountain with one or two streams. Choose from 47 finishes to give this fountain the exact style you’re looking for. 

Provincial Cast Stone Wall Outdoor Fountain


40. Dolphins Garden Fountain with Octagon Bowl 

This fountain can be used in your garden, at the entrance of your home, or even in an indoor entertaining space. A wave inspired pedestal holds two detailed dolphins with water coming from each of their blowholes. The water flows down into a bowl below. Around the base of the bowl there are multiple water streams that spray water over and around the dolphins, adding to the elegance even more. The water streams come from carvings that are designed to look like dolphin heads. The fountain exudes class that would be perfect for a formal setting, but you can also enjoy the elegant statue in an informal statue. 

Dolphins Garden Fountain with Octagon Bowl


41. Venetian Fountain with Fiore Pond 

This large outdoor fountain features a pineapple inspired finial and three-tiered design. Each tier fills with water and then splits into smaller streams, falling into the tier below. The bottom of the fountain is made of a Fiore pond which offers a modern and elegant design. This fountain is much more than just a tiered fountain, it’s a statement piece that will transform your outdoor living area. 

Venetian Fountain with Fiore Pond - Gray


42. Tuscan Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain 

This simple and stunning fountain was designed with Tuscan influence in mind. The water flows up the center finial, down two tiers, and into the basin below. The water spouts have a unique shape that create a beautiful sound as the water flows. Made of cast stone, each Tuscan tiered fountain is a little different than the last. It is available in multiple finishes, although a traditional finish such as Barocco will add to the traditional Tuscan ambiance. 

Tuscan Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain


43. Gran Vista Outdoor Fountain with Fiore Pond

This fountain is a statement piece to say the least. The top of the fountain features a bud shaped finial that pour water into a small tier below. That tier separates the water into smaller streams which flow down into the bowl below. Built with Gorgeous scalloped bowls and beautiful built-in spillers that let the water flow flawlessly. This piece is perfect to beautify your perfect garden or lawn even more!


44. Cavalli Outdoor Fountain with Fiore Pond

This fountain not only has an elegant modular basin, but it also stands at exactly 86 inches tall. The two tiers of this fountain are wide and deep, with exquisitely designed fiore pond that covered in cast stone for added stability. There are detailed carvings along each of the tiers and the finial at the top of the fountain. The large basin below gives the water plenty of room to fall, mimicking the sounds of raindrops. This fountain will give your entire outdoor space a luxurious ambiance. As you transform your outdoor living space with this fountain, don’t be surprised if you never want to go back inside!


Cavalli Outdoor Fountain with Fiore Pond



45. Lion Outdoor Fountain with Lion Pedestal and Plumped Bowl – Large 

This water feature is so much more than just a fountain, it’s a full visual display. This fountain will require a 10 ft customized pool before it can be used. It’s designed to be placed at the entrance to your home or business as a way to welcome and impress any guest that enters. The base is made up of 4 large lion statues, while the middle and top tiers each contain 4 smaller lion heads on each tier. The water flows from the mouth of each lion’s mouth on the statue for a total of 12 water spouts. This fountain will require a pool pump and filtration system, but the investment is well worth the reaction you’ll get from guests! 

Lion Outdoor Fountain with Lion Pedestal and Plumbed Bowl - Large


46. Old World Curtain Rain Outdoor Water Fountain – Tall 

This fountain is designed to stand alone in the center of your outdoor living setting. The water rains down from the center of the fountain in multiple steady streams, creating a tranquil visual and audio experience. The design of this fountain is minimal in every way, but the impact it will have on your space is major. It fits any style or ambiance you’d like to achieve thanks to many color options available for you to choose from. The old-world charm has stuck around for many generations and there’s a reason – it’s timeless! No matter what design changes you decide to make in the future, this fountain will compliment them perfectly. 

Old World Curtain Rain Outdoor Water Fountain - Tall


47. Oak Outdoor Water Fountain with 55” Basin 

This fountain features 2 tiers. Both tiers are covered in designs of leaves that were carved by experienced craftsmen. Water flows through the top finial, down each tier, and into the 55” basin below. The intricately carved designs of this fountain will grab your attention visually, while the tiered design provides a wonderful sound that will fill your garden or patio. This is the type of fountain that truly is timeless and fits any style. Rather you want a modern elegance or an old-timey class, this fountain has it all. Pass it down for generations to come so everyone is able to enjoy the wonderful signs and sounds of your oak outdoor water fountain. 

Oak Outdoor Water Fountain With 55 Inch Basin


48. Nerius Wall Outdoor Fountain 

Available in 47 finishes, this wall fountain is truly beautiful. Every aspect of the design was thought of and made to give your space a unique charm and timeless elegance all in one fountain. There is a lion’s head in the center of the fountain. The mouth of the lion acts as a water spout, spilling water into a small tier below. Once the bowl has filled, the water runs into the rectangular basin. Wall fountains are ideal for an outdoor space with an empty wall or a fence that’s lacking style. This fountain is unique enough to draw attention, but not so bold it will become an immediate focal point if you don’t want it to. 

Nerius Wall Outdoor Fountain


49. Santiago Urn Cast Stone Garden Fountain 

This fountain is a rendition of the traditional flat flowing fountain that’s so widely loved. Water is pumped through the center of the fountain and gently slides down the sides. This creates the subtle sound of falling water and the visual appeal of constantly flowing water down the fountain. If you’re looking for a subtle addition to a small or otherwise silent space, the Santiago Urn Garden fountain is a perfect choice. 

Santiago Urn Cast Stone Garden Fountain by Outdoor Art Pros



50. Verona 2-Tiered Outdoor Fountain with 55 Inch Basin 

This is a poignant structure that’s literally overflowing with class. The top finial flows water into the two tiers below, that then run into a large 55-inch basin. This fountain can be used to add class to your garden, patio, or backyard. Place this in front of your home to invite guests in and give them a taste of your style. Choose from 47 different finished to personalize your fountain even more. This fountain isn’t one that contains detailed carvings or statues, but the simplicity of it is what makes it so beautiful the water flows in small streams that create a rain-like noise. Made of cast stone, this fountain will last for years to come. 

No matter the size of your outdoor living space, garden, patio, or entryway – there’s a fountain that’s perfect for you. Rather you want intricate and classic, or sleek and modern, there’s plenty to choose from! Consider the other design details on the inside and outside of your home before choosing a fountain. Most of these fountains are low maintenance and require nothing more than a basic electrical outlet. An outdoor water feature is the easiest way to give your home a boost of style and elegance! 

Verona 2 Tiers Outdoor Fountain With 55 Inch Basin - Large

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