Your yard offers you a wealth of fantastic opportunities to enliven your home, to create a unique and personal style that reflects your own aesthetics and sensibilities. Birdbaths are a fun and interesting way to add character to your yard, creating a conversation piece as well as an opportunity to bring nature to your home, enticing birds and other wildlife to visit. They can even be a small garden water fountain. And if you’ve got children, birdbaths can provide a little bit of entertainment as well.


You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the variety of styles basins and pools come in, not to mention the range of prices from the affordable to the exorbitant. Typical styles range from plain and entirely functional, perfect for a simple garden, to stone, metal and glass fixtures that would feel at home in a contemporary art gallery. Often evocative of nature itself, basins typically feature elements that you could use to complement other features of your yard, like one of our outdoor planters, or perhaps even a garden bench.

And some versions you’ll find are so creative as to not even resemble birdbaths at first glance, appearing to be a unique piece of statuary. Angels and cherubs are common themes, as well as Roman-style columns and other styles. Contemporary baths include multiple elements, sometimes multiple tiers of baths. And you can purchase statuary and basins that feature water fountains, for a pleasant burbling effect.

It is certainly impressive all the styles that are out there for you to find, and the surprising assortment of materials you’ll find ponds and basins made in. Stone is particularly common and highly versatile, not to mention durable. If you’re looking for something to last in your yard for years and years, it is a good way to go. More modern style birdbaths, featuring contemporary angles and aesthetic design, tend to be made of glass or metal—or, a combination of the two materials.

Many wonderful styles and patterns are available when you’re looking at acquiring an installment for your yard or garden. You’ll be delighted at the assortment of basins, from the carven bowls to multi-colored glass mosaic baths and much more. There are birdbaths with intricately carved detail, or you can go for simple clean lines. You’ll even be able to find unique decorative pools cast from polyresin to resemble fantastical and cartoonish characters.

So, when it comes to acquiring something new and exciting and sprucing up your yard or garden, adding to it a bit of character, you’ll have a wealth of options to choose from. Take your time deciding, and you’ll have no problem bringing your garden to life with a birdbath or other garden fountains that will quickly become a permanent fixture of your yard that the whole family can enjoy.