Cat Garden Statues | Stone Cat Statues

Make your exterior space a whimsical one, with our catalogue of cat garden statues. Our selection of expertly crafted and finely detailed stone garden cat statues are sure to tickle the fancy any cat admirer looking to add some brio into their space with sides of your tall planters and seeing them while planting.

For some, the usage of cat statues goes beyond the aesthetic. Cats are often symbolized as multi-faceted creatures, carrying wisdom, patience, and sensitivity, making a perfect addition to what might be a missing element in your outdoor space. They are also symbolic of rebirth and resurrection, due to their “nine lives”, mysticism and the unknown, as well as good fortune (often seen in many Asian businesses for the means of spiritual profit). In ancient Egypt, cats were held to the highest esteem as one of their gods, Bastet, was often perceived to be a half-feline half-woman entity.


Stone Cat Statues - Add Some Grace to Your Garden

At Outdoor Art Pros, we have a wide variety of cat outdoor statuary for you to choose from. Currently, our selection holds products made by Campania International, whose artists and craftsmen behind these original, expertly crafted statuary, hold years of experience and craftsmanship.

Our selection of cat outdoor statuary comes in a variety of stains and finishes for you to choose from, to better fit the aesthetic of your exterior space. From a natural stone gray; the rustic brown of Ferro Rustico; to a stylized patina of Copper Bronze, each stain is hand applied by trained artisans to ensure that your purchase is of sound quality and color.

Different Styles of Cat Statues

For those looking to add a lively accent piece or garden art to your outdoor space, the Playful Kitten Statue is a wonderful addition, sure to garner intrigue from any passerby. The design of the statue is beautiful, with the cat gracefully peering at the mice scampering up the rectangle column.

For a more subtle accent, the Cheswick Cast Stone Garden Statue is an excellent choice. A more relaxed piece made by Campania International, the statue mimics the relaxed, carefree pose of a typical cat. Its eyes squinting with a markedly amicable smile, the statue is certain to add a bit of cheer to any exterior space. The Siamese Cats Cast Stone Garden Statue is another choice if you’re looking to introduce the element of intrigue to your garden.

If you’re still having trouble choosing the perfect accent to your garden, we are more than willing to help find the right outdoor garden statuary for you.