Dog Outdoor Statuary

A harbinger of friendship and comfort, the dog, even by its presence makes a living or exterior space a vibrant one. At Outdoor Art Pros, our selection of expertly crafted and meticulously detailed dog outdoor statuary is sure to appeal to any dog-lover or to anyone looking to add a touch of positivity to their front or back yard.

Asian symbolism indicates that the dog represents prosperity, good fortune, and obedience, while symbolism among Native Americans conveys traits more belonging to the prosperity of the community—conveying friendship, communication, protection, and fidelity. Nevertheless, accentuating your garden with our dog outdoor statuary will further emphasize an environment of positivity and well-being.


Accentuate Your Space with a Sense of Positivity

At Outdoor Art Pros, we have a great selection of dog outdoor statuary for you to choose from. Our selection currently holds statuary made by Campania International. Their artists and craftsmen behind these originally designed, meticulously crafted pieces hold years of artisanal experience and dedication.

Each statue or sculpture comes in a myriad of stains and finishes for you to choose, to better cater to your individual taste. From the worn longevity of Aged Limestone; the rustic patina of Copper Bronze; or the dark, brooding testament of Terra Nerra, each finish is applied by hand by trained artisans to ensure that your purchase is of esteemed quality.

Those looking to accentuate their garden with a piece bearing striking authority, the Antique Greyhound Cast Stone Garden Statue is an astute choice. The watchful dominance of the lifelike greyhound, its eyes carved to be ever attentive, and each muscle conveying power and protection, the statue is an astonishingly detailed testament to anyone’s garden.

For something to provide a more amiable atmosphere, the Vintage Dog With Basket Cast Stone Garden Statue is a wonderful accent to any exterior space. The statue pictures a lovable, friendly dog holding a beautifully detailed basket of flowers. Its presence, even at first glance is welcoming, a friendly invitation to any guest and possibly representing the owner’s friendly disposition.

For those looking for a unique piece to add to their garden, the Yoga Dog Cast Stone Garden Statue provides an atmosphere of serenity. The statue is a unique sight: the dog sitting cross-legged and upright, eyes closed, is a remarkable piece of art for any yoga practitioner or mindfulness enthusiast. It’s as if the dog itself is encouraging the longevity of your garden.

If you’re still having trouble, we are more than willing to help find the right statuary for you.

Dog Statuary

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