Fiber Cement Outdoor Planters

If you want to add some polish and style to your garden or your yard, a simple planter can go a long way. Our store has a wide selection of fiber cement planters, which are great if you're looking for a garden fixture that you can move around based on your preferences. Because of their properties, these planters are up to 25 percent lighter than those made of cement and cast stone. Moreover, the materials they're made of are up to 99 percent biodegradable, so they are also eco-friendly.


Planters That Fit Your Style and Needs
In our collection of fiber cement planters everyone can find something that fits their style. All the models feature very simple and tasteful design and are guaranteed to bring a touch of elegance to your backyard. No matter what your budget is, you'll find something for yourself here. For instance, the Geo Planter sets of four are great if you need something inexpensive to add a flowery note to your garden's sitting area. You can arrange them around your patio fence or put them on the sides of wide staircases.

For those who have limited garden space – or are living in an apartment building – the Garden Anywhere Vertical System  sets will be an excellent solution. They come with nine individual planters organized vertically so that they resemble a concrete wall, giving you plenty of room to start your home garden. You can either set them against a wall or use them to divide larger terraces or balconies. Although they look like they were made of cast stone, only fiber cement was used to build them.

Durable Centerpieces for Your Garden
Another great quality of fiber cement planters is that they are resistant to extreme weather conditions such as frost in the winter and UV radiation in the summertime. That is why these planters won't age naturally like their cast stone counterparts and will prove extremely durable over time. Of course, all individual planters have drainage holes on the bottom. Not only are these planters great for growing flowers and greens in them, but they will also capture everyone's attention.

Those looking for tasteful, eye-catching centerpieces for their backyards and patios can also benefit greatly from a planter, even if they have no intention of growing a garden of their own. You can use them in many different ways and turn them into focal points of your yard. They will provide a uniquely cozy feeling wherever you choose to put them. Take a look at our collection now to create the perfect outdoor living space