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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 products
Estate Lion Outdoor Statue - Large - Statuary - Outdoor Art ProsAl's Garden Art Color Chart - Outdoor Art Pros
Estate Lion Outdoor Statue - Medium - Statuary -Outdoor Art ProsAl's Garden Art Color Chart - Outdoor Art Pros
Estate Lion Outdoor Statue - Small - Statuary - Outdoor Art ProsAl's Garden Art Color Chart - Outdoor Art Pros
Lion with Left Paw on Shield Garden Statue - Statuary - Outdoor Art ProsAl's Garden Art Color Chart - Outdoor Art Pros
Lion with Right Paw on Shield Garden Statue - Statuary - Outdoor Art ProsAl's Garden Art Color Chart - Outdoor Art Pros
Sentry Lion Set - Outdoor Art ProsCampania International Finishes - Outdoor Art Pros
Small Classic Lion - LeftCampania International Color Swatch
Small Classic Lion - RightCampania International Color Swatch
Sentry Lion Statue - LeftCampania International Finishes - Outdoor Art Pros
Sentry Lion Statue - Right - Outdoor  Art ProsCampania International Finishes - Outdoor Art Pros

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Concrete Lion Statues

An outdoor lion statue is a timeless piece that is now accessible to all. These statues come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to match any interior or outdoor garden even so with your backyard water features. A statue of this caliber can be a centerpiece of your décor. Outdoor lion statues have a mythical animal presence that has carried on since ancient times. It’s common to see lion statues at the center of classic fountains. This feeling and look of elegance can be emulated in one's very own backyard.

More Styles of Lion Statues

There are a wide variety of lion garden statues because through the ages these statues have evolved from the influence of different cultures. The limits of the design of lion have also shown the image of the lion beyond it considers natural habitat. Thanks to massive influence you can find a statue to match your décor. Different materials are also available in lion statues. They go exceptionally well with metal or stone materials. A solid concrete lion statue with a chest flared is a stunning presence.

Animals and Lions

These types of lion statues for sale are considered original works of art. In ancient times, before writing, the lion statue was present. There were other animal statues before the beginning of writing. Since the beginning of civilization, these statues marveled at spectators. It’s the pieces of statues and murals that show that animal art is in its own class. Lion statues are known for being placed thresholds or entrance of homes and offices. In ancient times lion statues were seen at the entrance’s castles.

These statues have known to be in the palace of kings. The lion style in décor never gets tarnished. These are popular throughout the ages and always get remade through artistic innovation. These lion garden statues have also been known to ward of animals. The presence of a lion statue can be imposing too many animals. They can be seen from a distance on the well-maintained lawns. Look for these animal statues to continue to take the place as the king of the garden statuary industry.

People and Lions

Statues of mixed animals and people have long been around are among the piece seen as spiritual. It’s not uncommon in ancient cultures to see a lion statue with a lion’s head and a man’s body. In many far eastern cultures there seen as an animal representing meditation. Some of the best gardens of all the ages were known to have mixes of people and cement lion statues. It’s a beautiful pose to see a lion statue where the lions are hauling a chariot.

Find a pose that fits your style and matches your personal expression. Your guests will feel the inspiration when they see your garden.

Mythical Lions

Mythical lion styles can be seen both independently and possessing human characteristics. Think how majestic and spiritual it is for lion statues to placed next to a garden fountains setting. A concrete lion garden statue with mythical properties is known to ward off evil spirits, in the same manner, it could ward off pests. Its a commitment to class and culture whenever you select one of these pieces.

Modern Lions

Modern works are more exciting and risker for those with a more artistic flare. If you’re looking for a more intriguing piece, then look for a modern piece that looks to inspire the future. Guests always notice modern lion pieces and quickly distinguished them form classical works. The uniqueness of modern works allows for the evolution of such statuary pieces to grow and flourish into the future. The concepts are inspiring but within the means of quality art. You'll find a wide selection of modern pieces in our catalog.

Lions as Religious Statuary

The expression of celebration of faith through statuary is not uncommon. As with mythical works, concrete lion statues have been known to be worshiped. In some cultures there, gods or works to ward of bad omens. These works represent lion statues as deities are not strict to one culture. A religious statue can be identified in many ways. In most interior settings it can be seen with a alter. In an outdoors, the setting can resemble the interior be with a subtle difference. Either way, the statue is usually revered in certain cultures and it’s good to know the difference.

Outdoor Art Pro Statues

Statues will continue to be one of the most popular items in garden décor. The statuary industry is alive and well. Statues where once almost entirely exclusive to wealthy classes of societies. This is no longer the case as you can enjoy one of these timeless pieces for the right price. Look at our extensive catalog a contact our professional staff to assist in the process. They're a perfect lion statue waiting for your garden.