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Tabletop Planters - Durable, Simple and Elegant

Table top planters especially make the perfect planters for planting succulent plants in containers and pots. Think of how relaxing it is to sit quietly and look at the flowers you've planted grow a little each day.

All the models we offer are fairly small and will sit perfectly on each table you put them on. If you're looking for simplicity, we have the standard tabletop planters that look like they're made of clay but are in fact made of cast stone. Not only is this a highly durable material that can last a long time, but it comes with a finish of your choice to ensure that the planter you buy will fit in with the area where you decide to put it.

Here you'll find all types of planters: urn planters, bowl planters, as well as planters with animal and nature motifs. Urn planters are particularly great when you're looking for something simple yet captivating. If this is the case, take a look at the Manhattan Urn Garden Planter and the Rustic Martini Garden Planter. For a more homely feeling, check out the Barn Board Garden Planter – although made of cast stone, it looks like a handsomely crafted tiny wooden box filled with beautiful, colorful flowers.

Decorate Your Patio with Tabletop Planters

Our collection of tabletop planters includes many models that are eye-catching on their own, regardless of whether or not you're growing flowers and greens in them. This is the case with the cast stone made models designed to look like a watering can, a woven basket, or a log. If you're having some friends over for a quiet, relaxing evening in your backyard, you can fill the planters with treats and candies for your guests. When it's hot outside, just fill them with water and add some lilies or flower petals.
If your patio or a terrace has a wide fence, you can put these planters on it to generate some much needed fresh air and add some color and scents to the area. No matter how you decide to use them, our planters will surely find great use in your garden or backyard. You can even match them to a larger planter, and we have everything from traditional to modern planters. Take a look at our collection and see which of our beautifully crafted models are best for what you're looking for.