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Less can indeed be more, especially when you're decorating your backyard or your garden. We have a collection of beautiful bowl planters for every outdoor area you want to enrich with a touch of style and color. You can plant flowers in them or use them as captivating cement planter centerpiece anywhere in your garden. If you've decided to incorporate these outdoor bowl planters in your backyard, the possibilities are endless.

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So Much More Than an Outdoor Bowl Planter
While outdoor bowl planters are designed primarily for growing plants in them, they can be used in a number of different ways. Just think of them as an empty canvas waiting for you to turn it into a work of art. Plant some colorful flowers or smaller garden trees and watch them grow as you take care of them. Fill the planter with water and add some lilies and water flowers for an inexpensive yet gorgeous water feature in your own backyard.

Around the holidays, you can decorate your bowl planters with seasonal lights to make them come to life. Even when they're empty, they will look great at the center of your patio table. If you're having a birthday celebration or just a simple get-together with your friends, you can fill them with candy and sweets. On top of all this, if you know your way around fire, you can turn your planter into a stylish fire pit to keep you and your guests warm during those chilly summer nights in your backyard.

Minimal Design for Maximum Style
The items in our bowl planters selection are all neatly designed without any over-the-top elements or patterns that would make them look tacky. They're all very simple, yet they ooze style and elegance. Different models utilize different materials, ranging from cast stone to fiber cement to other fiberglass materials. They vary in size and are very portable so that you can move them around your garden until you're sure you've found a perfect spot. We have a large selection of modern planters, as well as traditional!

In our catalog, you'll find – among others – a selection of  fiber cement Zen bowl models with six-leg metallic stands.. These help elevate the bowls from the ground so that they accentuate a specific area of your garden. Alternatively, you can go for a set of four smaller bowls that are perfect for spreading around the patio fence.

If you're in the market for something larger and even more dazzling, look at the Lerida Planter Bowl and the Murcia Planter Bowl. These two low-rise models made of cast stone feature minimal detail that makes them feel rustic and antique. You can select one of twelve types of finish for these outdoor bowl planters to look just like you want them to. Browse our selection now to see all the great planter bowls we have in stock.