Lightweight Outdoor Planters

The humble planter has become a fixture in many a garden. Beyond offering you a place to grow plants that may not suit the natural soil of your garden, they offer a decorative touch that still embraces nature while helping you to create a garden that is an absolute joy to spend time in.

We have a large selection of planters in all shapes and sizes, but it is our lightweight outdoor planters that often prove to be among the most popular in our selection. Portability lies at the heart of this popularity. With these lightweight planters, you truly have options for how you decorate your garden. Instead of designing the garden around a fixed planter that you can't move, you can change your planter formation to suit the garden.


The World of Lightweight Planters
Quality design lies at the heart of the lightweight planters range and there are options for all tastes and garden sizes. The Big Box Planter, which comes in an array of colors, offers the simple option. Its elegant cuboid design places the focus entirely on the plants and the planters themselves can slot into practically any area of the garden. You can build row upon row of these planters, all with different flowers in them, to create a stunning, multicolored feast for the eyes.

The Ario Set of three planters offers you even more choice. Featuring three planters of varying sizes, this set is ideal for people who enjoy experimenting with the garden layout. You can combine the three to create a cascading effect or move them into separate parts of the garden to make the most use of the space.

Those who love the perfect nature of spheres and circles often find themselves drawn towards the beautiful Zen Bowl, which comes with an elegant stand. A perfect centerpiece, the bowl can stand up to the elements and host lush flowers and other stunning plant life, creating a beautiful feature that will catch the eye of anybody who explores your garden.
Of course, those who enjoy the traditional look will love the Avendia Lite Planter. Frost resistant and featuring beautiful craftsmanship, these planters can stand alone as unique features in a large garden or can help you make the most of small spaces that would otherwise stand bare.

This is just a small sample of the many planters we have on offer. Please feel free to explore the selection and get in touch if you need help choosing the right planter for your garden.