Real Flame

Real Flame offers magnificently unique fireplaces for use outdoors and indoors. All the fireplaces that Real Flame produces feature exclusive designs. They have an outstanding collection for both indoor and outdoor that will transform your environment. The efficiency of their fireplaces will heat up just right in both environments and impress guests. Real Flame Indoor fireplaces offer both UL listed electric fireplaces and gel-fueled alternatives.


In most instances, outdoor fireplaces have more options than indoor. There are CSA natural gas, gel, bioethanol, and propane fireplaces. Real Flame is a company dedicated to safety and quality. Their unique fireplaces meet the highest standard in both safety and quality. Their outdoor fireplaces are a limited line that shines amongst the competition. These fireplaces are all made in the U.S.A., either in Wisconsin or Tennessee. Real Flame produces clean-burning fire features that are guaranteed to impress any spectators.