Religious Statuary

Religious iconography and art is a highly personalized means by which you can alter the appearance of your garden or outdoor space. A nearly unlimited number of options are available. You’ll be able to find spiritual art for your yard or garden made from granite, marble, metal and an impressive variety of other materials. And the price range for art is also highly flexible, reflecting the impressive range of styles and materials, coming in a range suitable to any budget no matter what you’re looking for.


Peace Angel Garden Statue

No matter what your faith or belief, you’ll have no problem finding religious art suitable to your taste. It creates an immediate impression, a statement of style as well as goes a long way towards establishing a theme or aesthetic in an outdoor space.

Some of the most common themes of spiritual art in gardens come in the shape of crosses, including a variety of Celtic cross statuary. Other Christian themes include statuary of saints and other holy figures, as well as angels and recreations of famous holy statues. Statues of St. Francis are a famous and popular choice for a garden, creating a sense of peace and tranquility.

Other sorts of art are available stylized after faiths from around the world, representing the cultural style of Buddhist and Hindu art. No matter what your belief, or style, you’ll certainly have no problem finding something perfect to suit your needs. Popular versions of artworks include various statues of Buddha in classical poses, as well as recreations of Buddha statues from temples around the world. Statuary in this style often fosters an atmosphere of calm, or balance that allows people to enjoy the beauty of the nature around them. Some outdoor art fixtures also incorporates other design features into it, including water basins, birdbaths and fountains for an additional, interesting effect.

Religious art offers a very specific opportunity for the customization of an outdoor space, creating a statement of style. Spiritually-inspired statuary also creates unique conversation pieces, as well as simply being objects that are pleasing and peaceful to the eye. And given the wide and varying range in which outdoor art comes, you should have no problem at all finding something to perfectly suit your yard or garden. Art of this nature comes in such a wealth of variety that no matter what the style or design of your outdoor space, you’ll be able to find something to both complement and enhance it, as well as adding your own very personal touch.