Garden statues are important pieces of every landscape. Some of them add an air of playfulness and magic, while others are more classic and sophisticated. A garden is not complete without at least a couple of beautiful statues. They will emphasize different parts of your landscape design and can be placed almost anywhere.

Adding garden statues to your yard will let you show your creative side and make your personality shine. Even though statues do seem like simple decorative pieces, they can completely transform your garden and make it more exciting for the whole family, especially for your youngsters who are naturally curious.


The placement of statues

You can really let your imagination lead you through the placement process but there are a couple of things you should go over first. The number of statues should depend on the size of your garden. Smaller gardens look great with a couple of less prominent ones. Small statues should be placed in your flowerbed or by the fence so they will be visible but not overwhelming.

Large gardens will allow you more space for decorations and you can place them almost everywhere. Make sure you have at least a couple of larger statues in there that are easily noticeable but try not to clutter your lawn. If your design is more formal in general, go for a centerpiece statue that looks unique and elegant.

The maintenance

Garden statues do not require plenty of maintenance. Yes, they are made of different materials but can survive harsh weather. If you are really set on cleaning your garden statues, you can do so with soap and water. You will be able to remove dirt and dust easily. Also keep in mind that light statues can be damaged if the weather outside is quite bad so make sure they are placed well in the ground. If you don’t have plenty of time on your hands, larger statues can be washed with a high-pressure hose. This will save you a lot of energy.

Theme and decorations

If your garden has a general theme, make sure you choose the statues that fit the story. If you use the garden every single day and love spending time in your own little haven, choose the statues that mean something to you. For instance, people who use gardens as a place for doing yoga tend to go for Buddha statues, while religious people favor angel statues. 

The choice of decorations is really up to you. Gnome statues usually reflect a playful personality so you can hide them somewhere in your flowerbed as a surprise detail for your visitors. Fairies and animals have the similar effect and they definitely add more fun to the general landscape design. You can bring a forest theme to your backyard with our forest and bird statuary

Of course, you can always be inspired by the interiors of your house and continue the same theme into the garden as well, especially if you have a large window looking into the yard. So pick one large statue that corresponds to your interior design.