Top Selling Planters

This collection showcases only the top selling planters currently available in our store. These planters are the ones that our customers buy most frequently after they browse our extensive collection. It includes a little bit of everything: bowl and urn pots, planters that incorporate various decorative elements, as well as sleek and polished models featuring modern and avant-garde design.


Garden Statuary and Planters Rolled into One
As you can see, some of our top selling planters comprise both the pot and beautiful garden statues. Our customers love animal motifs, which is why they often go for the turtle, bunny, chicken, and bird planters. The Alouette Garden Planter is a beautiful and very popular model depicting four birds sitting on the edge of the pot. Plant some bright green grass in it and you'll have a beautiful centerpiece for your garden, your backyard, or your patio.

The Faccia Garden Planter is one of our most popular planters. It's very modern and depicts the lower half of the human face which also doubles as the base of the planter. These are more than just stylish garden fixtures, though. They can also be excellent conversation starters when you're sitting outside with your friends trying to find a topic to discuss. When you're sitting on your patio trying to write or paint, their unique, vibrant, and somewhat mysterious design may provide the inspiration you need.

Your Choice of Finish
Most of these planters are made from cast stone, a heavy material that's also very durable. Once you've bought one, you can be sure it will last you a long time. Our cast stone planters include a finish and stain that is applied by gifted and well-trained artisans who are very dedicated and passionate about their work. If you've decided to buy a planter made of cast stone, you can choose the finish you prefer.

To make sure every planter fits perfectly with the design of your garden, we offer twelve different finishes. If you want a lighter shade, you can pick between Natural, Verde, and English Moss. There are several shades of brown, including Travertine, Ferro Rustico, Aged Limestone, Brownstone, and Pietra Vecchia. You can also go for one of the darker finishes: Greystone, Copper Bronze, Alpine Stone, and Terra Nerra.

Browse our top selling planters and see which products our customers like the most. If you're searching for a perfect planter for your garden or backyard, this will surely help you decide what type of pot is best suited for your needs. You might just find that one planter you're looking for right here in this collection!

Top Selling Planters

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