Angel Water Fountains

Angel outdoor fountains are the perfect way to take a hum-drum yard space and transform it into a real relaxation zone. You and your loved ones will enjoy countless hours in front of these magnificent small outdoor water fountains. There is an outdoor cherub to fit every style of décor. Our selection of angel water outdoor garden fountains has been inspired from select locations across the globe. These fountains pair beautifully with our gorgeous bird statues, as well as any of our traditional stone planters. 


Angel Water Fountains

Pouring Angels Cast Stone Garden Fountain

Outdoor Angel Water Fountains

Nothing adds a touch of class to your outdoor space like an outdoor cherub garden fountain. These timeless classics capture your imagination and take you back to the times when ancient civilizations made their pioneering journeys. Angels have long been considered to be both lucky and protectors of man's interests. Ancient cultures used these angel fountains to bring good luck to their home.

During these times, you needed to be wealthy to own a cherub fountain. Thanks to advancements in pump technology and mass production, anyone can enjoy these beautiful water features today. Some of the classic cherub fountains still stand today.

Manneken Pis

The Manneken Pis is a perfect example of a legendary cherub fountain. This cherub fountain was created in 1618. Manneken Pis means "Lil Piddler" in Dutch.
This delightful water feature is located in the Museum of the City Brussels today. Thousands of visitors travel great distances to see this magnificent work of art. The cherub fountain is so famous that a copy of the original adorns another building in Brussels.

Huge Selection of Angel Fountains

Capture that traditional appeal with an outdoor angel fountain. Our product selection grows often, and all of our products are designed to last years without showing signs of wear and tear. No matter what style you desire, our expert staff can help you to achieve your goals.

Wall-Tiered Cherub Angel Fountains

Wall-tiered cherub fountains are designed to give your unused wall space a tremendous upgrade. Like all of our wall outdoor fountains, these units fit snugly against the wall to convert that unused space into a peaceful area of Zen. The all-inclusive designs of these units make them ideal for installation anywhere.

Tiered Cherub Fountains

Tiered cherub fountains provide more water flow sound effects. As the water drops from each level, it amplifies the sound of running water. Running water helps your body relax. Science has proven that natural sounds help your body lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is the hormone associated with stress. 

Large Cherub Fountains

A large cherub fountain is the ultimate centerpiece for your patio or yard. Who doesn't love a patio fountain? These stunning décor pieces create an elegant statement. Your guests will gravitate towards these fantastic water walls. Large outdoor fountains decorate many of the world’s most famous palaces.

Outdoor Art Pros Knows Angel Fountains

You are sure to find the perfect cherub fountain to complete your outdoor décor or patio decor. Create a seamless feel between your home and yard with the addition of these captivating pieces of art. For more tips on outdoor fountains see our outdoor fountain guidebook, or contact us to speak with one of our qualified fountain artisans today.