Animal Outdoor Fountains

It's incredible how adding an outdoor fountain can change your garden for the better. If you've decided to do this, take a look at our vast collection of animal outdoor fountains. They are perfect if you're an animal lover or if you have kids who love animals. Here you'll find both small and large fountains with pools. The intricate detail in our fountains is astonishing, and you will soon see why our animal fountains are some of our top selling fountains.  


Playfulness and Inspiration
Our animal outdoor fountains will be a great addition to your garden or your backyard. The entire animal kingdom is here for you to pick – do you want one depicting jolly puppies, the one with a pensive elephant, or the one showing a proud grizzly bear. You'll notice that lions are among the animals that appear most often in fountain designs. This is because they traditionally symbolize courage and fearlessness and bringing them into your home is believed to help you be more like them.

These fountains can be very funny and playful, like the one depicting the meditating Zen frog. They can be simply fascinating like the fountain showing a pair of sea turtles in the middle of a leap. Looking at any of the multiple statues of birds, while listening to the gentle water flow, makes for a very soothing experience. It helps you relax your body and mind and have some quiet time for yourself. If you're looking for inspiration, you'll be amazed at how easily you'll be able to find it once you're calm.

Stunning Works of Art
Every statue that's part of these animal outdoor fountains was made with love and care by enthusiastic and dedicated artisans. Each and every one of them is a stunning work of art in its own right. They could be the center of attentionindividually but accompanied by the sound of water and the unique design of the fountain feature, they are even more powerful. These fountains can serve as beautiful centerpieces in your garden, something that will inspire many conversations and keep your kids entertained.

The majority of models showcased here are made of cast stone, a highly durable material that ensures the fountains will go on working for decades to come. This material also allows you to choose the type of finish you like the most. The number of choices will vary based on the model; in some cases, you'll be able to pick between more than 40 different finishes. Check out our collection of outdoor fountains inspired by animals and give your garden or your yard a fresh glow.

Animal Outdoor Fountains