Outdoor Fountains with Pools

Outdoor fountains with pools are elaborate, fanciful additions to your garden, backyard decor, patio decor, or other outdoor space sure to attract attention and leave a lasting impression. If you’re in the market to accentuate your yard or the exterior of your home, finding a water fountain with a pool is a surefire way to get your friends and family talking. They come in a wide assortment of styles, inspired by cultural aesthetics and various artistic sensibilities. Many of these are cast stone fountains with fiberglass or polyethylene tub with cast stone copings, so installation is much easier than expected. From traditional to modern outdoor fountains, we are sure to have the perfect water fountain for you!


Pioggia Cast Stone Tiered Outdoor Fountain with 55" Basin

Outdoor fountains with ponds present a unique opportunity for you to immediately, and drastically, enhance the style of your home’s exterior. Whether it will go out the front of your house and become the first thing visitors see, or the centerpiece to your garden, your fountain will undoubtedly become the centerpiece. You can find your perfect fountain whether you want a large, traditional tiered fountain in a pool or a more petite modern fountain in a shaped basin. 

Outdoor Fountains come in a surprising variety of styles, from modern configurations that incorporate abstract shapes and geometries to outdoor pools which evoke a Roman sensibility. Our Henri Fountains are a great choice. You’ll also find a number of fountains that include statuary in their design, with many larger fountains with pools incorporating figures into their fountains. Others include an almost meditative style, the kind of place a person could find themselves sitting and enjoy the peace of nature for hours on end.

They provide a sense of atmosphere, as well as a pleasant backdrop with their constant burbling of running water, which fosters peace and well-being no matter where you end up having it installed.

On that note, take care to research the proper installation and upkeep of your outdoor water feature with a pool. Fountains with electronic pumps will require power, and the water in your water feature will occasionally need to be changed out, with the fountain basin itself requiring cleaning and maintenance.

But your garden fountain itself will last for years and years, if not decades, should you make sure to take the proper steps in caring for it. Built from enduing rock, outdoor fountains with basins are often capable of outlasting the homes around which they’re found. The price of an outdoor fountain often is an indicator of size, with larger outdoor fountains costing more than smaller garden fountains. However, there’s always something for everyone, with a huge assortment available for you to peruse and purchase.

No matter what you do end up choosing, your new outdoor fountain is sure to become an exciting conversation piece and give your outdoor living space the ultimate makeover. It will go a long way towards increasing the visual appeal of any area in which you place it, as well.