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Each Planter Is a Work of Art

Our collection counts more than a hundred of different modern planters, each of them a work of art in its own right. If you're going for simplicity, the least costly choice would be one of the many Ecopot planters that are made using a combination of ground stone and recycled plastic materials. These simple oval-shaped planters vary in color and size, and every model comes with a corresponding saucer.

If you need more than just one planter, we have equally inexpensive and minimalist Geo Planters. They come in sets of four and are made of fiber cement, which is both very durable and light, making these planters highly portable. For a more elaborate geometrical design, you can't go wrong with the Williamsburg Low Fretwork Urn Garden Planter and the Smithsonian Grecian Urn Garden Planter. They are made of cast stone and come with a choice of twelve different finishes based on your preferences.

Shapes and Sizes Galore
Your planter can also be an excellent conversation piece, as well as a beautiful thing to look at when you're resting in your backyard. The best example of one such model is the Diana Garden Planter, depicting a beautiful, pensive maiden goddess. This sculpture serves as the base of the planter, so by planting some great looking flowers or green in there, you're also crowning the goddess. Another one of our top-selling planters with people features is our Faccia Garden Planter. This planter is modern, unique, and available in three sizes. 

If you prefer something very simple yet super sleek and modern, the modern planters from the Modular and the Metropolitan series will be perfect for you. Not only do they ooze style, but they are also very lightweight and easily movable. This is because they're made of fiberglass mixed with concrete fibers. They come in four different colors: Black Onyx Lite, Rust Lite, Concrete Lite, and Lead Lite. Many of our vertical planters are also great for small spaces

The smaller ones are a great fit for any garden, whether you go for a rectangular model, a square one, or a quarter arc one. You can also find larger planters from these two lines that will find great use in public spaces, such as cafes, restaurants, and even smaller parks. Or you can pair your planter with a matching pedestal.  Take a look at our selection of modern planter designs and you'll surely find at least one that would look great in your garden.