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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 products
Williamsburg Orabelle Garden Planter - Outdoor Art ProsCampania International Color Chart - Outdoor Art Pros
Venus Garden PlanterVenus Garden Planter
Faccia Contemporary Garden Planter - Outdoor Art ProsFaccia Contemporary Garden Planter
Sleeping Maiden Garden Planter - Outdoor Art ProsSleeping Maiden Garden Planter with Pedestal (NOT INCLUDED) - Outdoor Art Pros
Aurelius PlanterCampania International Color Chart
Certosa Planter | Cast Stone PlanterCampania International Color Chart

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People Planters for Your Garden

Our people planters are durable and beautiful. The material we use is of the highest standard. This makes our planters a timeless piece that you won’t have to worry about. The difference in planters varies between cultures, there are many different faces to choose from. The traditional classics like Greece and Middle Eastern are always popular. The endless variety will help match your décor with ease. In modern time planters still have significance in garden décor.

More Styles

Garden planters have been around and that makes their selections almost endless. The difference in style and design can accommodate any outdoor living space. The development of planters over the years has produced the current diversity. If you’re looking to advance your décor, finding right planter for you is critical. Below will go over the some of the people planters.

Orabelle Garden Planters

This elegant piece shows the face of a beautiful woman. Adorned on her head are seashells and above that is the planter part. This unit is small enough to go indoors but mostly outside. Pieces like this are common in the grove part of gardens. This planter is usually seen out in the open. It's a standalone piece that can be seen by itself and with another garden décor.

The important feature is the planter itself. The size of this piece can full an inspiring enthusiast. The unit has a deep basin, so it has space for root balls that normal planters don't have. Today’s designs are diverse to the point where you can be specified in the unit you like. Make the most of the Orabelle Garden Planters.

Venus Gardens

Another feminine piece with elegance. This above the shoulder women looks great as a planter. The classic pose of look over the shoulder shows the flashiness of this unit. Venus garden piece doesn’t overwhelm the other décor in the area. Instead for its elegance it still maintains a sense of simplicity. Truly a unit that can be matched with any other garden décor that you may have.

A subtle piece like the Venus garden planters can also be placed indoors but its better suited for outdoor living. The best people planters often have a simpler look than other riskier style. If you are looking for people planters and not looking to make a splash in style. This a great option for those who are more conservative.

Faccia Contemporary Garden Planters

The faccia is three pieces set with different size planters. This complete set can make the most of plain garden. It’s not only to take up space but add a spark of life to the garden. The half a face design shows the beauty of lips, the other half is all planter. This design is one of the best available for a complete set. It’s hard to get people planters in a complete set.

Sleeping Maiden Garden

The sleeping maiden is classic in the garden and it won't be going anywhere anytime soon. The design features the maiden sleeping sideways with her hand under her head. The planter itself is small so it’s good for plants that don’t need deep roots. This piece is great for indoors it’s the right size for windows. A versatile masterpiece that you can ignore. Another one to consider if you’re an inspiring enthusiast it’s a piece that will impress guests.

Outdoor ArtPros

Our company is a leader in outdoor and indoor décor. Any planter you're looking you can find an illustrious collection. The best piece and units are always available. To make sure you find the right piece, let our staff of professional’s match with the right people planter. The process begins by contacting our team and letting them guide you through the process.