Ball Fountains & Sphere Water Fountains

The humble sphere is one of the most interesting shapes in the world, and it's well represented with any of our Sphere Water Fountains. The sphere is the only shape in the 3D space that is absolutely the same, no matter what angle you view it from. It is often seen as a sign of perfection. In fact, it is the mark of a great artist or sculptor to create a perfect sphere that has no blemishes or mismeasurements. It is that faultlessness that these sphere outdoor water features aim to emulate. Few sights can compare to that of a perfect sphere, making each of these garden water fountains a great addition to your home.


Block With Ball Water Fountain

Achieve Perfection with Sphere Water Fountains
Historically, spheres have held great significance. For many years, people believed the Earth was a perfect sphere and applied the same thinking to the many planetary bodies. Just a glance at the moon is enough to convince you of the truth of this observation, but in reality, the planetary bodies have their own imperfections. That is not something that you can say about these beautiful ball fountains.

A quick glance at our large outdoor fountains selection will show you just how much variance you can achieve with the idea of a sphere when it is applied to fountains. Many of our best sellers, such as the Sphere Tabletop Water Fountain and Sleek Green Floor Fountain, offer a more subdued take on the idea. With these sphere outdoor fountains, you will find that the sphere itself is just one element of an overall design. Distinct, by its nature, while not overshadowing the rest of the fountain.

Other options take a more direct approach. Our Ball and Bowl fountains, for example, place the sphere front and center. Surrounded by a simple bowl, the sphere itself is the main point of interest, with the larger examples, in particular, having the capacity to astound those who see them. After all, creating a perfect sphere on a small scale is already difficult. Doing so for a much larger fountain shows extremely impressive design skills. You can easily make this the focal point of your yard by surrounding it with a garden bench on each side.

Of course, we know that the sphere's 2D sister shape, the circle, offers many of the same qualities. Our range of sphere-based fountains includes several garden fountains that highlight the perfection of the circle, featuring round lips that offer achieve perfect balance and also offer a great perching spot for the surrounding wildlife.

As with any choice, it comes down to your personality and preferences. Please our site to see what we have to offer. From these magnificent sphereical fountains to one of our more traditional Henri Studio Fountain options. As always, our team is available to give you a helping hand.