Outdoor Tiered Fountains

Transform your outdoor living space into a true relaxation zone with one of our tiered water fountains. Outdoor tiered fountains have long been a sign of elegance, and for many years, these opulent centerpieces were only found in homes of royal descent. Today, anyone can enjoy the beauty provided by these beautiful water features. Outdoor Art Pros provide you with an unmatched selection of the world’s most exceptional 3 tiered fountain designs. Each unit is hand-selected based on its styling, quality, and overall durability. Thanks to our large garden water fountains selection, you are sure to find the perfect tier water fountain when you shop with Outdoor Art Pros.


3 tiered outdoor water fountains

Four Tier Renaissance Fountain In Toscana Pool

Outdoor Tiered Water Fountains

Outdoor tiered water fountains give your yard or patio a feeling of pure elegance. These magnificent water features provide you with the perfect ambiance for any occasion. 3-tiered water fountains and multi-tiered features utilize their design to amplify the sound of running water. As the water drops from tier to tier, the sound of running water is multiplied.

Scientific studies have revealed that the sound of running water lowers stress levels in most people. While it took scientists thousands of years to figure this out, it appears that the ancients were well aware of this fact. The mention of beautiful tiered waterfalls can be seen in many classical works. In those days you had to be of royalty to enjoy the soothing sensation of a tiered water fountain.

Multiple Styles

Today, outdoor tiered water fountains come in all shapes, sizes, and styles to suit your décor needs. Looking for a concrete tiered outdoor water fountains to bring your outdoor décor to the next level? Our product selection includes timeless traditional fountain pieces from around the globe, like our Henri Studio Fountains and our Campania International Fountain options. Choose a more modern look to give your home an updated feel. You are guaranteed to find the perfect tiered water fountain when you shop at Outdoor Art Pros.

Quality Construction

Your water fountain will provide you and your loved ones with years of enjoyment. Each outdoor tiered water feature undergoes rigorous testing and quality control processes, both small and large outdoor fountains alike. Only the finest materials are used in the construction of these fantastic pieces. Cast stone ensures your water feature handles the outdoor conditions with ease.


Owning an outdoor tiered fountain is easy. Like all water fountains, you will need to do some small maintenance to make sure that your water feature stays in excellent condition. Winter months can be hard on outdoor water fountains. Always drain your water fountain during these cold months. Freezing water can cause your unit to become damaged.

When water freezes in your fountain, the ice expands and can damage, or even destroy, your outdoor fountain. This cold condition is why it’s imperative that you follow traditional fountain maintenance in the winner. Once your unit is drained, you will want to move it indoors to keep it safe. If it is not too large, you will want to purchase a fountain cover to keep your investment safe.

Finding the Perfect Piece

No matter what style you desire, there is a multi-tiered outdoor garden water fountain for you. Let our experienced staff guide you to the perfect fountain selection, and you will be enjoying your patio in new and exciting ways. Show your guests your individuality with an outdoor tiered water fountain from Outdoor Art Pros.