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Showing 1 - 18 of 18 products
Smithsonian L'Enfant Urn Garden Planter - Outdoor Art ProsSmithsonian L'Enfant Urn Garden Planter - Outdoor Art Pros
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Fairfield Urn Garden Planter - Outdoor Art ProsFairfield Urn Garden Planter - Outdoor Art Pros
Campania International Fairfield Urn Garden Planter
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St. Louis Garden PlanterSt. Louis Garden Planter
Capitol Hill Urn Planter - Outdoor Art ProsCapitol Hill Urn Planter - Outdoor Art Pros
Medici Planter Large - Outdoor At ProsMedici Planter Large - Outdoor At Pros
Classic Copper Banded Urn - Large - Outdoor Art ProsClassic Copper Banded Urn - Large - Outdoor Art Pros
Savoy Garden Planter - Outdoor Art ProsSavoy Garden Planter - Outdoor Art Pros
Smithsonian L'Enfant Urn with PedestalCampania International Color Chart

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Planters with Pedestals

Garden planters are well adept to standing the test of time. Planters accommodate your garden outdoor style or theme. You should consider your style before choosing your planter. The good news is we have an exclusive catalog with an unmatched selection. Choose the pedestal planter that makes the most of your garden space while showing your flare. These planter’s strong base makes sure they don't move while the plant on top can enjoy sunbathing.

More Styles Of Pedestal Urn Planters

There many styles and designs when it comes to planters. If you’re looking for a unique experience in the outdoor living space a [planter is a smart move. Adding planters can help brighten things up. Remember, it’s better to maximize the potential of your garden by adding the right décor. A planter adds the perfect subtle touch compared to more intricate pieces. Let’s go over some of our different styles of pedestal planters.

Savoy Planters with Pedestals

This model is like a classic piece its elegance is hard to match. The simplicity behind the pedestal planters is great. The design of this planter has a square bottom base. The solid base allows for a smooth transition to bowl like a top. The top can hold a different array of plants. This size f this piece is perfect to go along with another décor it is truly a versatile planter.

Cliveden Urn on Tall Pedestal

This taller piece has a taller base in the square design. The unit has Greek appearance the name gives it away. The urn pedestal is taller than average planter and a good stand-alone piece for the garden. The top bowl is wider but not as deep as other pedestals in our catalog. The Cliveden urn on tall pedestal lives up to its reputation.

Rustic Hampton Urn with Pedestal

The rustic look has always been favored and goes great with old school look. Rustic Hampton Urn with pedestal is a grey looking stone pedestal and its planter bowls are the deep enough to hold some of the taller plants. The urn part of the bowl is a masterpiece of artwork. The neck the attaches the base to bowl is slightly tighter than other units. A style like this not common and its great piece to impress friends.

Murcia Bowl with Leaves Medi Riser

The is unit is almost floor piece with the base being close to the ground and the bowl is the widest of any mentioned. These units can be a mistake for fireplace because of the size of the planter. The durability of this planter is without question and if you’re looking to increase the appeal of your garden there no better one without question. An amazing piece that can be set out on its own right on top of your lawn and look amazing.

Kent Urn on Barnett Pedestal

The base on the Kent urn pedestal is in the shape of a lantern. This leads to the neck which is design in classical fashion and the urn itself has a lip with style. This flashy piece makes a true statement compared to other units. This is more for the experienced enthusiast who can take a chance in the garden with such a magnificent piece. The Kent urn on Brent pedestal is the planter to having the garden.

Fairfield Urn with Pedestal

Fairfield urn with pedestal is an excellent addition to the outdoor living space. This piece can bring life to your garden. Its size and shape are unique for a planter. The best way to use this planter is to mix in with garden décor. The unit has a simpler body style so it’s better if more than one of these planters are purchased. You can ask out dedicated staff for set prices.

Outdoor ArtPros

Our company is a world leader in planters and garden décor. The right piece is waiting for you. All you must do is contact our team of professionals and begin the process by searching our catalog. This will help in making the right choice for your garden. The right piece will magnify your garden and impress guest the whole way.